What are screw terminals?

Screw terminals are a type of electrical connector which connect a wire to a metal platform. The wire is secured into the terminal to form an electrical current, which powers up many appliances in every household including surge protectors, washing machines, and stereo speakers. To secure the connection, the loose wire is placed into the screw terminal and tightened to prevent the connection from getting loose. (Imagine a metal socket with a small hole for the wire. The wire is inserted into the hole to make the connection, and by tightening the screw on the socket the wire is locked in place to the socket, or screw terminal.)

What are screw terminals used for?

Screw terminals are used to form an electrical current. They are used in almost everything that requires wiring for electricity, including stereo speakers, electrical outlets, and most major household appliances. Chances are, most of the electrical outlets in your house are connected using screw terminals, and they convert into the A/C outlet that most people are familiar with.

Have you ever owned a stereo with huge speakers that you had to connect yourself? What about surround sound speakers for your television set? Do you remember connecting the speakers to your stereo or television? If you had an old stereo, there is a good chance that your speakers were connected using a screw terminal. The wire from each speaker would connect to the stereo unit, and to secure the connection you would tighten the screw on the back of your stereo. Once the wires are tightened, your speakers are connected and you could start listening to music.

What are terminal blocks?

Terminal blocks operate in a similar way as screw terminals, but the only difference is that they secure two wires together. The way it works is that two wires (or more) are inserted into the terminal block and there is a clamp inside which connects the two wires. Terminal blocks can be used with more than two wires, which makes the wiring simplified and can also save space. The great thing about terminal blocks is that they can be easily installed and they do not need wire preparation.